Molecular Diagnostics

Since 2006, Genolution inc. is the leading company specialized in developing and manufacturing nucleic acid extraction system for MDx, genetic DNA testing, and life sciences and providing dsRNA synthesis services for gene expression studies.

Genolution Inc. has been providing solutions toward a better life by focusing on the fields of molecular diagnostics and RNAi.

Genolution Inc. core technologies to develop faster, more affordable, and higher through-put nucleic acid extraction platforms led to the development of the Nextractor® nucleic acid extraction instrument series and extraction kits; they were vital for our progress in the fields of molecular diagnostics, genetic testing, and life sciences research. Moreover, our double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) synthesis technology enabled us to equip researchers with large-scale dsRNA for gene expression studies and pest control product development.

Leader in innovative molecular diagnostics

Based on the advantage of PNA material and accumulated knowledge, Panagene have developed various innovative platform technologies on molecular diagnostics covering multiplexing, mutated gene specific amplification, SNP discrimination and so on. To meet rapidly changing diagnostic market needs.

PANAGENE has expertise especially in cancer-related molecular diagnostics including companion diagnostics using tissue or liquid biopsy specimens. Panagene advanced technology provides not only high level of detection but also simple and convenient procedure to be used easily in the front-line hospitals and clinical laboratories by themselves.

Panamax 48 Extraction System

RT PCR kits for infectious disease

SEASUN BIOMATERIALS specialized in MDx technology and Wide range of solutions applicable in distinct markets from clinical diagnostics to basic science research which contributes towards “Improving the Quality of Life” for all of humanity by creating new worth and respecting life with our work.

RT PCR kit Clarithromycin Resistant H Pylori

Solutions for Genetic Technologies

SolGent is providing products and services that allow molecular diagnostic test to check if infected or not.
Development and production of PCR-based molecular diagnostic kits for diagnosing hereditary and infectious diseases.
We provide through SolGent Molecular Diagnostics products under Pathogen ‘Tuberculosis, Respiratory Disease, Sexually Transmitted Infection and Others’ and Human Genotyping ‘Corneal Dystrophy, Alzheimer’s Disease, yperhomocysteinemia, G6PD Deficiency’
Based on the technology that SolGent has developed and produced from various research reagents to molecular diagnostic kits, SolGent will do the best to become a Global Leader in the molecular diagnostic market.

Molecular diagnostics kits and instruments

Sacace incorporates all functions required – research & development, manufacturing, logistics, technical support, marketing and sales of an extensive line of molecular biology diagnostic tests that accurately screen for the presence of disease in human and food fields – to provide adequate support to its customers.
The products are designed to provide ease-of-use, they are CE marked in compliance with Directive 98/79EC and incorporate the highest quality reagents to ensure consistency, reliability and long shelf life.

Sa2ResTM Samples to Results

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