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MDx System

HIV, HBV, HCV Diagnose Viral Load Tests with ExiStation

ExiStation™ 48 is an automated molecular diagnostic system using Real-Time qPCR technology, it is an integrated system consisting of ExiPrep™48 Dx form nucleic acid extraction, and Exicycler™ 96 for real time quantitative thermal block. ExiStation™ 48A can perform nucleic acid extraction and diagnostic tests on 48 samples at the same time. A high-purity nucleic acid can be extracted by applying contamination prevention system such as aerosol shutter, tip guard and UV lamp. In addition, easy to use with built-in protocols optimized for each kit, you can get reproducible results.


Features and Benefits

⦁ Easier diagnosis with pre-installed protocol and automated results analysis by ExiStation™ software
⦁ Flexible sample configuration: 8 to 48 samples in volumes of 200μl, 400 μl and 800 μl
⦁ Simplified interface with user-friendly touch screen
⦁ Convenient operation and checking the results with built-in computer of ExiPrep™48 Dx
⦁ Minimized cross-contamination due to intelligently designed droplet-guard and aerosol shutter
⦁ Enhanced usability with built in automatic cartridge puncher

Workflow Overview

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Kits & Specifications

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