Since 2006, Genolution Inc. is the leading company specialized in developing and manufacturing nucleic acid extraction system for MDx, genetic DNA testing, and life sciences and providing dsRNA synthesis services for gene expression studies.

Genolution Inc. core technologies to develop faster, more affordable, and higher through-put nucleic acid extraction platforms led to the development of the Nextractor® nucleic acid extraction instrument series and extraction kits; they were vital for our progress in the fields of molecular diagnostics, genetic testing, and life sciences research. Moreover, our double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) synthesis technology enabled us to equip researchers with large-scale dsRNA for gene expression studies and pest control product development.


Nextractor® NX-48S

Better Quality, Right Solution

Nextractor® is automated system for rapid isolation of DNA and RNA from a variety of samples. Nextractor® can extract nucleic acid from up to 48 samples at once, saving your valuable time and labor.

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Babirus-Products-Genolution prd-nx48-02
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Fully Automated Extraction

  • Walk away system

High Throughput

  • 48 specimens at one run
  • 48 Extractions in 15~25 minutes

Pre-filled Cartridge type of Reagent

  • 1, 8, 24 Samples per plate
  • All Cartridge can be used simultaneously without changing hardware and software format


  • UV lamp and auto door lock

7’ Touch Screen UI

  • Easy to operate without training
  • Pre-programmed and User-defined Protocols

Dimensions and Weight

  • W × H × D : 364 × 386 × 420 mm
  • 25 kg