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Babirus is committed to working with healthcare partners across the MENA region to deliver innovative and technologically advanced diagnostic solutions that help to improve people’s health.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the company is focusing on marketing a portfolio of leading global healthcare brands and best-in-class diagnostic products in three key areas: molecular diagnostics, personalized medicine, immunodiagnostics and core lab.

We believe that the key to helping medical specialists improve patient outcomes is through a continuous program of medical education and training as well as offering scientific support from our highly qualified team.

Our product portfolio is underpinned by robust scientific, technical and marketing support which demonstrates our customer-focused approach and meets the standards of service our clinical and laboratory partners demand.

Babirus Product Portfolio

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IgG Antibody Panel Test for Food Intolerance

Automated DNA/RNA Extraction system and kits

Nucleic Acid Extraction Device and Kits

Alegria® 2 – The Smart Analyser, Any assay, any time!

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Complete laboratory solutions and support

Automated laboratory analysers and devices

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