About us

Building profitable markets in partnership with global healthcare brands across the MENA region

Babirus is committed to working with healthcare partners across the MENA region to deliver innovative and advanced diagnostic solutions that help to improve people’s health.
Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the company is focused on handling a portfolio of leading global healthcare brands and best-in-class diagnostic products in three key areas: Molecular Diagnostics, Personalised Medicine, and Immuno Diagnostics.
We believe that the key for helping medical specialists to improve patient outcomes is through a continuous program of medical education and trainings as well as offering ongoing scientific support from our highly dedicated and qualified team.
Providing access to tailored, innovative and efficient medical and diagnostic solutions, our aim is to bridge the gap between healthcare providers, clinical laboratories and research institutions in the Middle East. Our goal is to be the partner-of-choice for best-in-class healthcare innovative solutions providers in the region and exceed consistently the expectations of clients and partners.

Our Philosophy
Highly qualified sales team, technical specialists and support staff.
Market leading and scalable innovative products from global healthcare companies.
Unrivalled customer service.
On demand online or onsite technical and after sales support response.
Partnering with key healthcare providers across MENA region.

Babirus Facilities

World-class healthcare products, service and support at local level

Babirus has a number of regional offices throughout the region, including UAE, KSA, Egypt and Turkey. These offices are staffed by highly experienced teams who have a deep understanding of the local market and its regulatory framework, and who have developed a wide network of contacts within the local healthcare system.

These offices include warehousing facilities which allow for prompt supply of products and marketing support materials to meet customer demand.
Other benefits include a consistent quality of service, development of localised marketing support material, compliance with regulatory requirements, a rapid response to technical issues, as well as regular training and education on products to clinical and laboratory teams.

We promised to take care… and delivered