Amplex Diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics made easy!

The CE IVD certified eazyplex® system combines robust isothermal amplification with efficient real-time detection! Lyophilized reagents can be shipped ready-to-use at room temperature and stored directly at the workplace. The testing is carried out without DNA / RNA extraction directly from the sample.
The sample preparation buffers are aliquoted ready-to-use and can be used directly for entering the sample. Time and costs for a DNS / RNS extraction are eliminated. During the amplification, the result is detected and displayed in real-time so that you can see the signals immediately.
At the end of the run, the results are summarized as a report that can be conveniently exported as a PDF or CSV or printed out directly on an adhesive label.

The Instruments

The Genie® II Mk2 instrument is supported by:

⦁ Specially designed tubes

⦁ Highly efficient reagents

⦁ Highly sensitive optics in two independent heating blocks

⦁ Light and portable construction

⦁ Fully rechargeable battery

⦁ You can operate the system without a PC connection via a large touchscreen.

⦁ The closed system avoids any handling after amplification and thus eliminates laboratory contamination of the amplified products.

The Genie® II Mk2 instrument

The Genie® HT instrument is supported by:

⦁ Specially designed tubes

⦁ Highly efficient reagents

⦁ Highly sensitive optics in up to twelve independent heating blocks

⦁ Modular block structure from 1 to 12 blocks

⦁ HIS / LIS connection

⦁ You can operate the system without a PC connection via a large touchscreen.

⦁ The closed system avoids any handling after the amplification and thus eliminates laboratory contamination of the amplified products.

The Genie® HT instrument

The eazyplex® TESTS

Eazyplex® Candida auris

Avoid ineffective therapy and hygiene management!
Direct diagnosis from swabs or culture confirmation in just 25 minutes.
“Candida auris poses a risk to patients in healthcare settings across Europe due to its propensity to cause outbreaks and its resistance to antifungal drugs. Difficulties in laboratory identification and a lack of awareness of this Candida species can delay early detection and reduce the potential increase for a horizontal transfer. C. auris was first identified in 2009 and within a few years has become a cause of healthcare-related infections. Outbreaks have been reported in countries on five continents. The number of reported C. auris cases in European countries has increased significantly since the last ECDC rapid assessment of the risk of C. auris in December 2016. There remains a need to raise awareness of C. auris in European healthcare settings so that they can adapt their laboratory testing strategies and implement improved infection prevention and control measures where appropriate.”
European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. Candida auris in healthcare settings – Europe – first update, 23 April 2018. Stockholm: ECDC; 2018

Eazyplex® CSF direct / direct M


An early diagnosis and a rapid beginning of the treatment of bacterial meningitis / meningo-encephalitis is very important. Because the lethality increases strongly with a decelerated therapy start.


For a rapid diagnosis within 30 minutes directly from CSF without DNA extraction and therefore a fast beginning of the treatment, ® the eazyplex CSF direct panel.
Don’t waste any time when it counts!

Eazyplex® CSF direct / direct M

Respiratory diseases diagnostics in 25 minutes

Eazyplex® PneumoBug expert

All pneumonia is not the same!
Direct diagnosis from BAL, bronchial- and tracheal secretions in 25 min. ® eazyplex PneumoBug expert – the fast and reliable help for your diagnostics!
Fast and clear diagnosis of atypical pneumonia is a helpful tool for prompt decision- ® making on macrolide therapy. eazyplex PneumoBug expert can be performed from bronchoalveolar lavage, bronchial secretions and tracheal secretions without DNA extraction. The result is displayed in real time and delivered as a result report after 25 minutes.
This is of particular advantage if the detection of pathogens such as Chlamydia pneumoniae, Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Legionella pneumophila subsp. pneumophila / fraseriwas previously subject to very time-consuming and lab-intensive diagnostics.

Eazyplex® SARS-CoV-2

Take advantage of the optimal combination of the most innovative nucleic acid amplification technology and the user-friendly format of the ® ® eazyplex system. With the eazyplex SARS-CoV2 you will receive the result without RNA extraction directly from UTM/VTM, eSwab medium or even dry swabs in 25 minutes at the latest. Our devices guide you through the test with their intuitive software. The sample control informs you about the swab quality and the automatically generated table provides clear results. Maximum diagnostic reliability is ensured by the dual testing of the WHO recommended target “N gene” and the ORF8 gene.

Eazyplex® SARS-CoV-2

Eazyplex® STD panel

Direct detection of STD causing pathogens from swab in just 25 min!
According to the WHO, one million people worldwide are infected with Sexually 1 Transmitted Diseases every day. This implies that timely diagnosis and therapy of this STD can not only prevent sequelae, but can also reduce the risk of transmission to sexual partners. Hence a quick and uncomplicated diagnosis is a good preventive tool to reduce the prevalence and further spread of STDs.

With the eazyplex® STD kits you can detect the most common sexually transmitted bacterial pathogens in just 25 minutes. The detection takes place directly from the swab, without further DNA extraction. The sample is processed in 3 minutes and can be used directly in the test.
All buffers and reagents required are included in the kit.
⦁ eazyplex® STD complete,
⦁ eazyplex® STD CT/NG,
⦁ eazyplex® STD CT

STD panel

Eazyplex® MRSA


Eazyplex® MRSA Screening direct from swabs in 20 min or confirmation from culture or positive blood culture in 15 min!
With the eazyplex MRSA you always have a clear confirmation of: S. aureus, mecA, mecC, S. epidermidis and integrated controls to demonstrate test quality and avoid false negative results, whether you are screening or testing from positive blood cultures or culture plates. Not shown here is the part of the report with the graph of the signal curves and the text field for possible additional sample or patient information. Shown here is a part of a run report, in which the test, the lot number, the test date, the specific sample identification number, the result table and the user is always displayed.

Eazyplex® MRSA

Eazyplex® BloodScreen


When every minute counts — eazyplex BloodScreen!
Help for therapy decision — in 20 min!
An early diagnosis and a prompt and appropriate clinical therapy of sepsis is crucial to increase the chance of survival. Antimicrobial resistance is a key factor determining clinical unresponsiveness to treatment and rapid progression in sepsis and septic shock.
With the eazyplex BloodScreen tests as a Gram positive and Gram-negative panel, you can detect the most common bacterial pathogens of sepsis and associated antibiotic resistances, that strongly influence the outcome of the disease. You get the result without DNA extraction directly from positive blood culture in 20 minutes.

Eazyplex® BloodScreen

The eazyplex® Gram-negative

Eazyplex® SuperBug CRE

Molecular biological rapid test for the detection of carbapenemases KPC, NDM, OXA-48, OXA-181 and VIM, as well as the ESBL genes of the CTX-M-1 and CTX-M-9 group producing bacteria as culture confirmation of culture plates and positive blood cultures.

Eazyplex® SuperBug complete

With the eazyplex® SuperBug complete test series you can detect the common carbapenemases VIM, NDM, KPC and IMP as well as the OXA-23, OXA-40, OXA-58 and OXA-48 groups, the OXA-181 / -232 -Groups.
eazyplex® SuperBug complete A, B or C – the choice is yours!

Eazyplex® SuperBug expert

The confirmation test for rare carbapenemases (IMP, IMI, GES and GIM) in Enterobacteriaceae, Pseudomonads and Acinetobacter, fast and reliable as culture confirmation, in just 20 minutes.

Eazyplex® SuperBug expert

Eazyplex® SuperBug Acineto

In the fight against a global threat, MDR A. baumannii, you can use the eazyplex® SuperBug Acineto to detect the OXA variants (OXA-51, OXA-23-, -40- and -58-like) and NDM in just 15 minutes .

Eazyplex® AmpC

RKI and BfR confirm the suspicion! AmpC-positive enterobacteria, along with ESBL, are among the most common causes of hospital infections.
AmpC ß-lactamases: Clear confirmation of ACC, CMY-II, DHA and MOX in 15 min!

Eazyplex® SuperBug basic

The eazyplex® SuperBug basic detects the common carbapenemases VIM, NDM, KPC and OXA-48 groups, including the OXA-181/-232 groups.