MindrayMindray believes each test you do is important, because each patient is important. As the majority of healthcare decisions are based on laboratory tests, it’s more critical than ever that you are able to trust your results.

Mindray empowers this trust through technology, innovation, and our commitment to the advancement of in-vitro diagnostics science.

Mindray has developed reliable and robust solutions to empower trust, delivering accurate results while meeting increasing demands on efficiency in laboratories worldwide.

Taking laboratory efficiency and productivity to the next level

In an increasingly competitive environment, the challenges facing both large labs and core labs are increasing daily. Despite overwhelming workloads, laboratories need to deliver accurate results fast, improve productivity, and bring costs down, while also enhancing their business performance. Mindray provides scalable, automated solutions designed to optimize workflow, and maximize lab efficiency without sacrificing quality. With Mindray’s reliable solutions, high-volume laboratories can address the challenges of today, and tomorrow, to achieve maximum performance.

Improving the quality of healthcare with reliable test results

Test result accuracy is crucial to the quality of patient care. Laboratories play a critical role in ensuring high quality, cost-effective clinical care by providing clinical decision-makers with objective scientific data and accurate interpretations of results. At Mindray, we help laboratories to deliver reliable diagnostics results with our intelligent instruments, optimized algorithms and advanced technologies, such as the biochemistry close system and SF Cube cellular analysis technology.

Advancing the industry’s development with accessible resources

Committed to making healthcare more accessible, Mindray constantly innovates to provide reliable solutions and advanced diagnostics technologies to aid laboratories in their academic research and clinical studies. In addition, Mindray helps to improve the skills and capabilities of laboratory professionals by providing training programs and accessible educational resources, as well as facilitating academic exchanges through our global platforms, such as HemaTalk, ChemTalk, LabTalk and ExpertTalk, among others.


Hematology Solution

Mindray’s Hematology products have become proven reliable solutions in the global market. We provide complete solutions for all types of laboratory sizes, for all types of laboratory sizes from small to large. With innovative technologies and a focus on high quality, we deliver reliable and accurate results to help medical doctors in making accurate diagnoses. Also, our flexible automation systems empower lab professionals to choose their optimal solution to improve their workflow and reduce turn-around time.


Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Solution

Mindray’s chemiluminescence immunoassay solutions combine robust designs together with the latest advanced technologies to empower laboratories of all sizes with reliable and accurate results. The high quality of Mindray’s immunoassay reagents provide confident results with proven accuracy and performance which helps reduce unnecessary repeat tests. Moreover, Mindray’s immunoassay solution simplifies operation and reduces manual intervention for all types of clinical laboratories.


Clinical Chemistry Solutions

Mindray provides a variety of scalable Clinical Chemistry solutions to meet different laboratories’ needs. Our chemistry systems with traceability help laboratories achieve accurate and comparable results. Moreover, the ease of use and advanced workflow can maximize cost-efficiency and improve turn-around time. We also offer the ability to combine biochemistry with immunoassay into an automated serum line to further enhance productivity.

Benchtop Chemistry Analyzers

Robust benchtop analyzers with a small footprint are suitable for labs with a testing volume of 0-500 tests per day. High performance benchtop chemistry analyzers are recognized by customers worldwide, and the global installation figures for these units place it at the top of the market for benchtop chemistry analyzers.





Standalone Chemistry Analyzers

Smart and compact standalone analyzers offer suitable solutions for mid-volume testing labs with 300 to 1200 tests per day. Systems with traceability and a more innovative, easy-to-use and intelligent software design optimize a laboratory’s uptime, reliability and performance.


Powerful yet efficient





Saleable Chemistry Analyzers

The flexible clinical chemistry and immunochemistry modular design with powerful throughput and scalable capacity can handle variable workloads with more than 1,000 tests per day, while at the same time improving the efficiency and reducing turnaround time for core laboratories.

SAL 9000

SAL 6000



Chemistry Reagents

Mindray offers a broad test menu, serving the needs of most clinical laboratories and hospitals. Mindray system reagents are ready to use, and reagent applications are designed in accordance with both interior and exterior clinical verification, which authenticates our instruments and guarantees their exceptional performance.

Chemistry Reagents