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Babirus was established in May 2008, providing personalized medicine solutions and professional services to the research & diagnostics laboratories in MENA market. Our sales operations cover all government and private sectors such as hospitals, healthcare centers, clinical laboratories, municipalities, defense forces, police, academic institutions, agricultural and veterinary institutions and departments, research centers.


Our business philosophy is founded on high quality and time-sensitive service delivery to our client’s specifications and satisfaction to ISO9001 quality standards.

Our credentials

  • Highly qualified team of product specialists and support staff
  • Market leading and technologically innovative products and services
  • Unrivalled customer service
  • Premium-marketing support for clinical partners
  • Partnerships with global healthcare organizations
  • Comprehensive technical and after sales support and on-site response
Innovative, Technologically Advanced and Personalized Healthcare Solutions


Hani Rustom

Hani Rustom

General Manager
Alison Thompson

Alison Thompson

Scientific Director, Senior Product Specialist & Nutritionist, BSc Nutrition Science
Jessica Elias

Jessica Elias

Senior Product Specialist
Bahjat Shawa

Bahjat Shawa

Senior Product Specialist
Basel Mahouk

Basel Mahouk

Product Specialist, Biotechnology Engineer
Hussein Kannout

Hussein Kannout

Product Specialist


MediClinic International
Dubai London Clinic & Specialty Hospital
Medical Diagnostics Labratory
Delta Medical Labratories
Al Borg Medical Laboratories
Scientific Clinical Labratories
Dubai Health Authority
Freiburg Medical Laboratory
FurureLab Medical Laboratories
Al Hadi Clinic
JTS Medical Center
United Labratories
York Diagnostics Labartories
Proficiency Healthcare Diagnostics
medsol pharmaceuticals Plc