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PANArray HPV Genotypting Chip

According to the WHO report (2008), human papillomavirus (HPV) causes virtually 100% of cases of cervical cancers. There are more than 100 genotypes of HPV reported currently.

Compared to the traditional Pap smear test, HPV genotyping has several advantages;

  • High accuracy of determining existence of HPV viruses
  • Genotyping of the HPV viruses
  • Early diagnosis
  • Identifying patients harboring HPV with high risk type

PANArray™ HPV Genotyping Chip takes advantages of PNA probe instead of DNA probe. PNA probe is an artificial nucleic acid or DNA analog that has higher binding affinity to its complementary DNA sequences, and faster hybridization reaction than DNA probes. Therefore, the HPV genotyping can be completed in a shorter time with smaller DNA sample. In addition, multiple infections with several HPV genotypes can be precisely identified for diagnosis. Another advantage is its long shelf life even at room temperature because of chemical stability of PNA probes.