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hepart-hck-sortimentHCK is a patented process for formulating personalized micronutrient supplement produced by Hepart AG, the Swiss specialist for individualized Ortho-molecular- and complementary medicine.

It is widely acknowledged by scientists and physicians that chronic disease is often the result of persistent metabolic dysfunction which may be caused by micronutrient deficiencies as well as other factors.

Many people suffer with unexplained symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, impaired concentration, skin issues or disrupted sleep patterns which may last for months or even years. These symptoms could be indicative of unidentified micronutrient deficiencies

Hepart HCK micronutrient analysis will precisely determine an individual’s micronutrient needs. Using a patented process, micronutrient deficiencies are accurately detected using blood, urine and saliva samples in the Hepart lab in Switzerland and calculated based on the measured laboratory results and other factors such as age, body weight, potential medicines.

This allows a customized supplement to be created, which has been adapted to the necessary precise dosage required by the individual, in a pure vegetable hydrocolloid which allows a slower and more consistent delivery of the micronutrients to be absorbed and utilised within the body.

HCK Diagnostic test for micronutrient & personalized therapeutic health supplement.